Autumn Magic Collection Fragrance Melts

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Cauldron Bubbles: A witches treat bubbling away in the cauldron. Tart green apples and sweet red apples bubbling away in creamy caramel and a touch of baking spice!

Fall Festival: Shimmering yellow, oranges and golds, apples, pumpkins, and cinnamon donuts. The perfect day at the festival.

Fallen Leaves: Fresh fallen leaves, figgy sweetness, spice and autumn woods.

Pumpkin Moon: A giant, glowing, pumpkin shaped moon watches over the fields of plenty in the night. Notes of sweetened pumpkin flesh, warm vanilla, creme, and the tiniest touch of harvest spice just to keep it from being too cloying. It is super yummy! This is the pumpkin scent for those of who don't like, or are sensitive to, strong spice notes typical of the fall season. If you like dark, spiced pumpkin based fragrance try our Pumpkin King

Raven's Garland: In the fall and winter the witches of the Garden of Shadows string up garlands in the trees as a reward to their faithful corvid familiars service throughout the year (also quite festive). It's filled with some of their favorite treats! Plump juicy cranberries, sweet citrus and probably the naughtiest of treats for them-- caramel corn (this is a story...please don't feed the wildlife). 

Skeleton Dance: On a dark and stormy Halloween night the skeletons rise from their graves to do a dance of ghoulish delight! Notes of stormy skies, ozone, freshly turned earth and a ghostly chill.

The Pumpkin King: Won't you please make way for a very special guy?! Sweet pumpkin swirled with deep, dark spices throughout define this mouth watering yet mysterious scent.

Trick or Treat Lane: The street with the best treats and decorations! Spooky marshmallows, bags of candy, candy corn and bonfires from a distance.

Witching Hour: Magic under a full moon a touch of  patchouli, spice and wonder entwined with pumpkin vines and sweetness. 


3oz clamshell

The perfect alternative for home scenting and mood making without an open flame. Pop a mini melt or two (depending on your scent strength preference), into the melter of your choice (yes our melts are compatible with Scentsy melters), and enjoy!

Clean up is a breeze, remove melting dish and wash in warm soapy water or pour spent wax into a heat safe disposable container, wipe down melting dish with a paper towel and then you're ready for some more.


***Melts looking "frosty"?" These are natural soy. Soy has a natural microcrystalline structure that will appear frosty. This is a proud hallmark of true soy wax with no petroleum additives and UV filters. This does not constitute old wax or a defect in product and will not affect performance