Baking Magic Collection Hand Poured Candle

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You love bakery, I love bakery..lets bake some magical scents! Warm sweet gourmand scents full of yum to fill your home. 

Apple Pumpkin Butter: Slow Roasted fresh apples and pumpkins 

Bombadil: It is scented with a MOST delicious lemon butter cake that has a great balance of sweet and tart, only to be complimented with an incredibly jammy blueberry jam and the tiniest touch of spice.Bombadil is cheery, light, delightful---and dare I say addictive. 

Cinnamon Sugar Beignets: deep-fried choux pastry rolled in cinnamon and powdered sugar

Hobbiton Banana Bread: It's no secret that Hobbits love everything sweet and tasty, but did you know that banana bread is one of their favorites for elevenses (or at least this Hobbits')?!  Warm toasty oats, a smidge of vanilla, tender spices and fresh banana puree.

Hot Apple Pie: Warm baked apples with touches of cinnamon and vanilla bean pie crust. Smells just like a pie baking!

Pumpkin Cheesecake Beignets:  Deep-fried choux pastry. stuffed with creamy pumpkin spiced cheesecake topped with powder sugar

Pumpkin Pie: Fresh baked pumpkin vanilla custard with just a touch of spice.

Pumpkin Maple Cinna-bun:  sweet cinnamon pumpkin swirled baked buns with golden maple glaze.

Strawberry Shortcake: Sun ripened strawberries sprinkled with sugar resting on a bed of soft vanilla sponge cake topped with whipped cream.

Sweet Cider Donuts: farm fresh apple cider worked into sweet cake donut batter and gently fried then dipped in cinnamon sugar.

Sugar Cookie: Yummy fresh baked sugar cookies with vanilla bean

Sunday Cinnamon Buns: Sometimes on early mornings if my grandmother was up before everyone else she'd surprise us and make her cinnamon buns. As they baked the smell would drift up the stairs and you just knew it was going to be a good morning. Warm fresh baked buns with butter, cinnamon and gooey frosting.

Ignite the night and enchant your home! Hand poured soy candles with natural, lead-free wicks. In absolutely, true-to-life fragrances! Long lasting, cleaning burning, and eco-friendly.

My soy container candles come packaged in recyclable glass jars with recyclable labels. I encourage you to re-use! Once your candle is spent simply wash out with warm soapy water, dry, and your jar is ready for it's new life!

Phthalate, Dye Free, vegan, cruelty free, enriched with essential oils

Candle burns approx.(16oz jar)80-100 hours. Your burn times may vary based on environment, ambient temperature, ventilation etc.