Bewitching Brews Collection Hand Poured Wax Melts

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Scents to brew up some magic for your home!

Butterbeer Limited Edition: Sweet cream soda, smooth vanilla and caramel.

Bramblebelle Cider: Made by the faeries of course! Mulled apples, citrus, lingonberries and sweet maple make this a delightful twist on a traditional scent.

Cheshire Chai: Creamy vanilla swirled into black tea, cinnamon and warm spices. Trixie and sweet cause we're all mad here....

Elevensies: The perfect pre-mid-day snack tender almond cakes brushed with orange glaze and a piping hot cup of tea.

Magic Bean Juice: For even Witches need coffee! Smooth roasted coffee beans brewed to perfection just a hint of hazelnut, chicory and cream.

Pumpkins & Magic Bean Juice Limited Edition: Warm pumpkin and spices added to our signature Magic Bean Juice Recipe---Smooth roasted coffee beans brewed to perfection just a hint of hazelnut, chicory and cream.

Witches' Tea: a hot cup of black tea with subtle spices and a hint of lady apple.

3oz clam-shell

The perfect alternative for home scenting and mood making without an open flame. Pop a mini melt or two (depending on your scent strength preference), into the melter of your choice (yes our melts are compatible with Scentsy melters), and enjoy!
Clean up is a breeze, remove melting dish and wash in warm soapy water or pour spent wax into a heat safe disposable container, wipe down melting dish with a paper towel and then you're ready for some more.
***Melts looking "frosty"? These are natural soy. Soy has a natural micro-crystalline structure that will appear frosty. This is a proud hallmark of true soy wax with no petroleum additives and UV filters. This does not constitute old wax or a defect in product and will not affect performance.