COVID-19 Procedural Updates

Your safety is number one to me! I have always strived to exceed government standards and good manufacturing practices in the making of my products. During this pandemic I have taken extra steps to keep you safe.

Dreaming Tree's Workshop is a separate addition to my home, it is pet free, and on it's own HVAC systems and air filtration. 

I am the only person in or out of the workshop.

I am high risk and have been in home isolation since March 2020.

I am fully vaccinated.

My temperature is taken daily, if it exceeds the CDC guidelines (98.6) I do not enter the workshop or handle packages and orders.

Supply orders are held in a separate "decontamination" area for 48 hrs before being sanitized and brought into the workshop.

All appropriate PPE is used by me during manufacturing (latex free gloves, masks, scrubs, goggles etc)

Before manufacturing for reopening and daily, after the workshop has/is deep cleaned using EPA approved cleaners, heat and steam sanitation procedures.

Orders are picked up by USPS via contact-less pickup to minimize handling. Due to this expect shipping delays.

I hope this all makes you feel a little more confident in buying handmade and you and yours are safe and well.

Any further questions please email me at