Mystic Caravan Collection Candle

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Ignite the night and enchant your home!

Hand poured soy candles with natural, lead-free wicks. In absolutely, true-to-life fragrances! Long lasting, cleaning burning, and eco-friendly.

Our soy container candles come packaged in recyclable glass jars with recyclable labels. We encourage you to re-use! Once your candle is spent simply wash out with warm soapy water, dry, and your jar is ready for it's new life!

Phthalate, Dye Free, vegan, cruelty free, enriched with essential oils

Candle burns approx.(16oz jar)80-100 hours. 
Your burn times may vary based on environment, ambient temperature, ventilation etc.

Scents scents of mystical secrets and far off lands to fill your home with magic. 

Fires at Midnight:Cool,dusky breezes near a bonfire burning bright, smoky sandalwood, mourning flowers, crackling leaves, sticky sweet marshmallow smoothed out with a dollop of voluptuous vanilla. Absolutely addictive. 

Nevermore:Suitably dark, potentially maddening blend of absinthe, exotic spices, and ancient rich sandalwood to leave you wishing for 'morrow nevermore. 

Patronus:The famous spell "Expecto Patronum" roughly translates to "I summon a guardian". What better guardian to summon then a dragon?! You may owe him a favor afterwards but that's another matter altogether. This is a protective deep blend of resinous dragon's blood, a 'tich of earthy fresh patchouli, and banishing clove.

Tarot:The scent of incense, potions, and some moody magic... reminiscent of our favorite new age store!

The Secret Library: A roaring fire, dark polished wood, ancient leather bound tombs, paper, echos of incense. All hidden knowledge can be found here, all knowledge is worth having.

Vovin: The magical word for dragon. This is our signature dragon blood blend with all the complexities of the smoldering resin. Slightly sweet with incense and light spice notes. A sophisticated earthy fragrance.

Witches' Brew: A sweet and resinous blend with a touch of spice and magic, sure to ensnare the senses!

Wolf Moon:  Dark, earthy patchouli and sandalwood, buried in warm spices and a touch of apple. Feel free to howl at the moon!  

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    Secret Library

    Posted by Rowan on 28th Oct 2020

    As always, your candles are the best! The scent of Secret Library is a little more subtle than my usual Patronus but it could also just be my sinuses wreaking havoc. Still delightful!