The Good Witch Collection Hand Poured Candle

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Scents to soothe, uplift, and fill your home with magic. 

Apples of Idun: The magical apples of everlasting life. Crisp red apples, leaves and golden honey.

Cucina verde: The cleanest, greenest kitchen for magic! Sun ripened lemons, herbs from the windowsill, and tomato leaf

Dreams: Fluffy vanilla marshmallow clouds and soothing lavender to help lull you away to dreamland.

Practical Magic:  A witch's garden is always full of practical magic! Rosemary is planted by the garden gate, lavender for luck, and clary sage for a fresh clean start or to shake some bad juju in your space.

Pink Moon: Wistfully romantic scent inspired by the full moon in spring over our ancient magnolia tree. Soft magnolia twirled with blackberry, with the scent of orange blossoms on the breeze rounded out with soft earth and water notes. Just a tiny bit fruity, a tiny bit floral but fresh.

Quel Kamia: Every good witch has more than one spell for good sleep! Sweet simple lavender to sleep well.

Sacred Flame: Burned in sacred fires since the beginning of time, woodsy sandalwood is tempered with warm black vanilla. Nourish the sacred flame inside of you! 

Salem: Sweet and mysterious wisteria on the wind, green leaves, and sweets woods. As smooth as black cats fur.

Sif's Golden Harvest: A great and golden harvest of plenty awaits you celebrate! Warm spices, golden squash sweet corn and golden sunshine.

Willow Witch: A sacred blend to clear the air and welcome good energy, Notes of blue sage, house made dragons blood accord, palo santo and deep earth.

Under the Lemon Moon: A lemon sugar scented indulgence- fresh and sweet!  

Ignite the night and enchant your home! Hand poured soy candles with natural, lead-free wicks. In absolutely, true-to-life fragrances! Long lasting, cleaning burning, and eco-friendly.

My soy container candles come packaged in recyclable glass jars with recyclable labels. I encourage you to re-use! Once your candle is spent simply wash out with warm soapy water, dry, and your jar is ready for it's new life!

Phthalate, Dye Free, vegan, cruelty free, enriched with essential oils

Candle burns approx.(16oz jar)80-100 hours. Your burn times may vary based on environment, ambient temperature, ventilation etc.