The Alchemy of Dreaming Tree Workshop

The seeds of Dreaming Tree were planted many years ago when I was just a small person. I was utterly enamored by the old stories of the fantastical realms, myths, gods and goddesses, monsters, spooky stuff, magic, nature, and yes....witches. I have many fond memories of playing outside in spring and summer picking flowers, herbs, grasses, leaves, sticks and berries and mixing them all up with water or dirt/clay in a sandbox bucket making “potions” and “magic charms”. I also spent a lot of time in the bathroom and sometimes the kitchen... you guessed it-- making more “potions”. Mixing shampoo, bubble baths, and shaving creams, to see how they'd smell or feel together, or if they cleaned better or worse. It's only natural I'd be doing this now, right?

There was just one problem with all of this (other than the mess and missing products) . I had really sensitive skin and couldn't use pretty much anything except the floating white bar (oh you know it's name!). Even then, my skin was still pretty uncomfortable and irritated. One day, I discovered that natural soap was much gentler on my sensitive skin than the commercial products. But I wanted more - I wanted soap and products that were not only good for my skin, but also smelled and felt magical.  I decided to try making my own soap; extensively researching and experimenting with ingredients to learn about all their properties and how they interacted with each other. I was fascinated by transforming natural ingredients into something both beautiful and functional. I then began the process of perfecting the alchemy of both perfumery and soap making until I finally created soaps and scents that met my high standards.

After years of giving away my experiments, I decided to share my creations with the world! In 2009 we started Dreaming Tree Workshop, and have been making magical soaps and scents ever since!

Over the years, Dreaming Tree Workshop has grown from a small hobby into a thriving business. But my passion for storytelling and my commitment to creating high-quality, natural products remains the same. Dreaming Tree Workshop is more than just a business to me. It's a way to bring magic into the world, one soap, one scent, at a time.

Explore the magic of Dreaming Tree Workshop and see where it takes you!



The Dreamer

The Dreamer, Owner, Maker

 Meghan is a scientist and multi-disciplined artist who's been brewing magical soaps and scents for over twenty years. They're also a PC gaming, animation, sci-fi, and fantasy enthusiast, and has five very spoiled cats. Yes, they're a witch!


The Apprentice 

Pamela has been assisting Meghan around the holidays for over ten years and has now become their production assistant! Pam has a deep love for all things magical with a keen eye for color. When she is not whipping up magic with Meghan in the workshop she can be found working on one of her many crafts, out in nature, and gaming!