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Dreaming Tree Workshop

Familiar Fairy Tales Collection Hand Poured Colossal Soy Melts

Familiar Fairy Tales Collection Hand Poured Colossal Soy Melts

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Enchant your home, flame-less!
Hand-poured soy melts great for any room, break off on block and set in melter of your choice, enjoy sensational true to life fragrances your way!

 Our melts are HUGE! These jumbo sized clam shells hold double the wax of standard clam shells.

 Phthalate Dye Free vegan cruelty free enriched with essential oils

Choose from our regular catalog scents:

Apples of Idunna: The magical apples of everlasting life. Golden, glowing, juicy apples and a touch of green leaves.

Bag-end Butter-cake: Imagine the smell of a freshly baked butter-cake wafting through the air as you enter your cozy hobbit hole. The warm aroma of vanilla and buttercream fills your senses, and you can't help but imagine taking a bite of the delicious cake. The sweet bakery notes add a touch of nostalgia, reminding you of home-baked cakes and childhood memories.

Bewitching: Cast an unforgettable spell with clouds of cotton candy, sun ripened black berries smashed into whipped cream and topped with delicate pink sugar.

Cheshire Chai: Creamy vanilla swirled into black tea, cinnamon and warm spices.

Cinnamon Sugar Beignets: deep-fried choux pastry rolled in cinnamon and powdered sugar.

Dark Goddess: Mysterious dark and beautiful like the Goddesses of the night. Black amber and lavender blended with sweet resins and a splash of herbs.

Dreams: Fluffy vanilla marshmallow clouds and soothing lavender to help lull you away to dreamland.

Earth and Sky: An ode to my favorite place, that perfectly joins Earth and Sky, a refreshing blend of dewy green earth, a tinge of the salty sea, and fresh air just before the storm.

Elevenses: A cup of hot tea with honey, butter lemon cake and blueberry jam. A great balance of sweet and tart only to be complimented with an incredibly jammy blueberry jam and the tiniest touch of spice.

Enchanted Tiki: An enchanting blend of sweet pineapple with fresh citrus and island garden greens swirled together with creamy coconut milk. It's Tiki time!

Fires at Midnight: Cool, dusky breezes near a bonfire burning bright. Smoky sandalwood, mourning flowers, crackling leaves, sticky sweet marshmallow smoothed out with a dollop of voluptuous vanilla. Absolutely addictive.

Goblin Market: Steal away into the night Goblin Market. Don't worry they have what you need! Explore the bustling market of bountiful fruit and flower carts, shinning red apples, golden figs, fragrant blackberries, black tea, soft spices, and herbs.

Hobbiton Banana Bread: It's no secret that Hobbits love everything sweet and tasty but did you know that banana bread is one of their favorites for elevenses (or at least this Hobbits')?!  Warm toasty oats, a smidge of vanilla, tender spices, and fresh banana puree.

Into the Woods: "The way is clear. The light is good, I have no fear, Nor no one should. The woods are just trees. The trees are just wood,. I sort of hate to ask it But do you have a basket?Into the woods, And down the dell., The path is straight I know it well. Into the woods, And who can tell, What's waiting on the journey?" Deep dark woods shimmering greens fresh air and a touch of strange magic.

Kitchen Magic: The cleanest greenest kitchen for magic! Sun ripened lemons herbs from the windowsill and tomato leaf.

Lavender Menace: A dreamy blend of resinous frankincense, myrrh, our house made dragons blood and lavender.

Nevermore:  Suitably dark potentially maddening blend of absinthe exotic spices and ancient rich sandalwood to leave you wishing for 'morrow nevermore. 

Siren of the Sea: You find yourself standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The wind is whipping through your hair and the waves are crashing against the rocks below. How did you get here? It's as if you where lured by a mesmerizing song. You take a deep breath and smell the air. It is filled with the salty scent of the sea.
Siren of the Sea is  a clean and fresh scent, a blend of sea moss, lavender, sandalwood, ozone, and other light florals. The sea moss adds a touch of ocean brine, reminiscent of the crashing waves and salty spray. The lavender adds a touch of floral sweetness, like a bouquet of wildflowers blooming on a coastal cliff. The sandalwood and ozone add a touch of woodsy earthiness and freshness.

Skål: A hail and hearty mythical cider made from Idunna's golden apples! Cheers to good times and good company! Fresh-pressed golden apples, warm spiced honey, and deep red sangria. It is a sophisticated twist on a familiar cozy fragrance!

Storm:Take yourself to the heart of a summer storm with the fresh scents of ozone rain heather and hyacinth grounded in deep moss and earth.

Sunday Cinnamon Buns: Sometimes, on early mornings if my grandmother was up before everyone else, she'd surprise us and make her cinnamon buns. As they baked the smell would drift up the stairs and you just knew it was going to be a good morning. Warm fresh baked buns with butter, cinnamon, and gooey maple frosting.

Sweet Cider Donuts: farm fresh apple cider worked into sweet cake donut batter and gently fried then dipped in cinnamon sugar

Tarot: A cult favorite since we've opened! A mystical fragrance that wafts through the air like a gentle breeze, incense potions and some moody magic... Sandalwood grounds the senses, while the jasmine and champaca flowers add a touch of sweetness. The scent is both ethereal and grounding, with a hint of mystery.

The Secret Library: A roaring fire dark polished wood ancient leather bound tombs paper echos of incense. All hidden knowledge can be found here all knowledge is worth having

The Wayfarer: Precious woods and resins collected along the way a splash of mandarin sunshine the warmth and richness of a soul well traveled.

Under the Lemon Moon: A lemon sugar scented indulgence- fresh and sweet!

Wicked Queen: The scent that casts the spell of your subjects unwavering devotion! Swirls of vanilla, warm woods, lavender, and patchouli create a fragrance that is both alluring and dangerous. It's the perfect scent for those who wants to rule the world, or at least their own little corner of it.
You are Sovereign, and you are wickedly delicious.

Willow Witch:A sacred blend to clear the air and welcome good energy! Notes of blue sage, house made dragons blood accord, palo santo, and deep earth.

Wolf Moon: Dark earthy patchouli and sandalwood buried in warm spices and a touch of apple. Feel free to howl at the moon!



































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